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For years, we have seen successful uses of air gages. We have seen them used to measure diameters, tapers, straightness and even little bitty holes. Air gauging has always proven to be an excellent choice for fast, easy-to-use and reliable, high performance dimensional gauging. Simple & easy to use with high proven reliability, it forms an important part of manufacturing.
Over the years, air gauging has remained basically the same: steel plugs or rings with precision orifices that result in a pressure verses distance curve when in use. As the orifice is restricted, flow is reduced and pressure builds up in the system. This principle is used to monitor the distance between the air jet (orifice) face and the part surface. Orifices can be arranged in complex configurations to indicate form or relationship errors to the user.
Baker Gauges has been manufacturing and supplying air gauges now for the past three decades. After this long experience we can without any doubt state that today also Air gauging has high applicability and suitability - reliability wise, speed of gauging wise and most importantly in today’s competitive world, cost wise.
As tolerances have gotten tighter on the shop floor, air gauging is often the only way to make the check fast and easy for the operator. Baker Gauges offers a vide range of Air gauging for internal as well as external dimensions, relational parameters like face run outs, straightness, taper, multiple bore & shaft diameters.

1. Baker PFL

Baker PFL is a Null Balance Indication system that is based on the measurement of airflows for differnt dimensions. has extended linearity over higher range..... 

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2. Air Plug Gauges and Setting Rings

Air Plug Gauges and Setting Rings for bores through or blind from 1.5mm to ........ 

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3. Air Ring Gauges and Setting Plugs

Air Ring Gauges and Setting Plugs from 2.00mm to 200mm  ............

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4. Air Calipers and Setting Discs

Air Callipers and Setting Discs from 10mm to 150mm in standard two jet desigh to check through or shouldered shafts....

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