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  • A sturdy and robust dial gauge.
  • Fitted with special brass bush bearings.
  • Supplied with tolerance pointers.
  • Strong and smooth metal bezel.
  • Rigid, metal case.
  • Aesthetically appealing protective top cap. 
  • Tungsten carbide ball anvil.
  • Metric gauges conform to IS2092-1983 and for the European market to DIN878-1983.
  • Inch gauges conform to ASME B89.1.10M-2001.
  • Each gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values.
  • Wide range of dial gauges in various ranges and readings available.
  • Special dial gauges for OEMs also manufactured on request.
  • Complete spares and after sales service available.
  • 0.001mm x 1mm dial gauge fitted with 8 jewels and conforms to JIS B-7503-1997.
  • Exported to over 50 countries all over the world.
1. MODEL 40

Small dial diameter – convenient for use where the larger dial diameters are not possible to be used particularly in ...... ...

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2. MODEL 56




The model 56 dial gauge is most commonly used and finds numerous applications on a normal shopfloor directly or indirectly applied in gauging of components right from turned components to precisely ground components

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3. MODEL 88


Model 88 dial gauge provides a larger reading face and longer travel ..... 

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4. MODEL 105

Model 101 comes with extra large dial making it easier to read...

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5. model 56-new

 Plunger Type - Model 56

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