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This range includes Tube Micrometers, Blade Micrometers, Disc Micrometers, Point Micrometers & Spline Micrometers.

1. Tube Micrometer

Want to measure wall thickness of tubing ?

Use BAKER Tube Micrometer.

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2. Point Micrometer

Want to measure web thickness of drills, small grooves, keyways ?

Use BAKER Point Micrometer.

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3. Spline Micrometer

Want to measure recesses, grooves, splines, slots, keyways etc. ?

Use BAKER Spline Micrometer.

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4. Disc Micrometer - Rotating

Want to measure root tangent length of spur & helical    gears ?

Use BAKER Disc Micrometer (Rotating).

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5. Disc Micrometer - Non Rotating

Want to measure paper, felt, rubber, fabrics etc.

Use BAKER Disc Micrometer (Non-Roatating).

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6. Blade Micrometer

Want to measure small grooves on shaft dia., keyways and other hard to reach geometries / profile ?

Use BAKER Blade Micrometer.

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