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BAKER is the sole selling agent of BOWERS products in India. BOWERS Metrology is the world's foremost Bore Gauge manufacturer and a leader in the field of internal measurements.

1. XT Analogue

Bowers XT Analogue Bore Gauges are an economical solution to accurate shop-floor bore measurement. The extended mechanical travel of these advanced two or three point gauges ensures that exchanging measuring anvils is now unnecessary. Their wide application range, 2 – 300mm, rugged construction and easy read scale, ensure both accuracy and ease of use. XT measuring heads are supplied with UKAS certification.

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2. XT Digital

Bowers XT Digital Xtreme internal micrometers give the operator the advantage of traditional quality ratchet gauges allied to advanced IP65 electronics. The extended mechanical travel of the XT range means that special heads can also be manufactured to accommodate users most awkward measuring problems. Measuring heads for threads, splines slots, grooves, deep-holes and many more applications are available on request.
The Bowers XT range of internal micrometers can be supplied as individual instruments or in complete sets. All XT instruments give the user the advantage of extended measuring travel with fixed anvils and UKAS certification of  measuring head as standard.

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3. XT Holematic

The Bowers XT Holematic Xtreme bore gauge incorporates an ergonomic pistol grip handle with an advanced trigger action, giving the user the advantages of both speed of operation and a constant measuring pressure. The clear digital display, superior IP65 electronics and application range of 2 to 300mm ensures ease of use and assured accuracy.
The XT Holematic pistol grip range of bore gauges can be supplied as individual instruments or in complete sets. All XT instruments give the user the advantage of extended measuring travel with fixed anvils and UKAS certification of  measuring head as standard.

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4. XT Lever Type

The robust new Bowers XTL Lever range is perfect for vertical bore measurement, providing accurate and repeatable bore gauging under inspection department or shop-floor conditions. The XTL has a simple ergonomic action and can be fitted with a wide variety of analogue and digital indicators or even transducer probes. The range can be provided with IP65 rated digital indicators, rendering it resistant to coolant, water and airborne particles. A ‘wireless’ gauge module is also available, enabling cable free communication with remote data collectors, PCs etc.
The cost-effective new XTL boasts hardwearing extended travel carbide measuring anvils and is able to measure diameters up to 300mm.

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5. XT500

The Bowers XT500 large diameter 3-point bore-gauge has been designed specifically for the measurement of internal diameters between 300 and 500 mm. The newly designed constant-force digital readout ensures that the measuring pressure remains constant throughout the measurement whilst radiussed measuring anvils provide optimum centralisation in the part. Anvil sets are supplied in 25 mm steps (300-325, 325-350 etc) and each set has been manufactured to the exact toleranced size. The 300-325mm anvils are the master reference set and are used for setting the gauge in the setting ring. The other anvil sets are then fitted as required without further re-setting. This means that only one 300mm setting ring is required to set the gauge for all diameters in the full 300-500mm range of the instrument.

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6. Special Bore Measurement

Although Bowers produces the most comprehensive series of bore gauges and internal measuring equipment available, not all applications can be covered by our standard instrument range. In line with our customer care ethos, Bowers has earned a reputation for manufacturing special heads for measuring non-standard applications. Click on read more for examples of some of the many difficult measuring problems easily solved by these special heads.

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7. Microgauge

The new MICROGAUGE 2-point bore-gauging system has been designed specifically for the measurement of small bores between 1.0 - 6.0 mm. Featuring a completely new digital readout, and extremely compact overall dimensions, the MICROGAUGE is truly a pocket-sized instrument. Digital readout and measuring head together are about the same size and format as a ballpoint pen which represents a big advantage for those needing to measure small precision parts and who need to have their gauge with them all the time. The clear LCD display is easily set using only two need to have results are shown with switchable 0.01/0.001/0.0005 mm resolution. Data transfer is via Proximity - RS232 or Proximity - USB output. The measuring heads are equipped with spherical hard - chromed cotact points and are set in appropriate setting rings. Like all Bowers bore-gauging products the MICROGAUGE system is available as individual instruments or as full sets. All setting rings are supplied as standard with UKAS certification.

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8. Microtest

Microtest AG is for more than 50 years specializing in measurement of internal diameters.  Microtest products are in use all over the world and guarantee the highest precision over long periods of time. The MICROTEST system is the only one that can measure internal diameters from 400mm to 1150 mm precisely and accurately. Based on its unique, robust design Microtest are able to produce an instrument with unrivalled accuracy. These instruments are build very light and come with extra hard ratchets to achieve perfect self centering in a big bore hole. The instruments are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.


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